We genuinely glad to acquaint you with products manufactured by our enterprise and hope you appreciate a technical level of our products.
       The long experience in pump engineering allows the Research & Engineering Center "Hidrotehnica" branch of the Joint-Stock Company "Moldovahidromas" to design and to produce successfully the pump equipment which is in great demand in various countries all over the world.
       We shall be glad to see you among our customers and partners.
       We lay emphasis on full and complete satisfaction of all user's demands. If you still do not choose a needed pump, - you are welcome ! We shall design and produce it according to your order.
       We are always ready for a dialogue and a mutually advantageous co-operation.

Our motto:
"Quality, reliability, high technical level"

       Director of the
       REC "Hidrotehnica" branch of the JSC "Moldovahidromas"

       P. V. Baidaus