Type of pumps Models Pumping medium

Centrifugal leak-proof pumps

Aggressive explosive and toxic liquids, liquefied gases

Immersible borehole pumps


Centrufugal circulation pumps

, ,


Transformer electric pumps


Transformer oil in cooling systems of power transformers

Centrifugal monoblock sewage pumps

House-hold sanitary sewage and waste water in small sewerage systems

Centrifugal monoblock immersible pumps

Polluted water

Centrifugal monoblock axial pumps


Fresh water from open reservoirs, rivers, lakes, canals

House-hold pumps


House-hold drinking water supply

Electric pumps for food processing and wine production industries


Tomato pulp


Water, juices and other liquids


Fruit juices and other liquids

PV 10/20

Wine materials

Vacuum pumps APV-1,5

Aggressive gas and air vapours


1. Pumps and can be installed in the explosion hazard zones according to grades IExdsllBT4 for pumps 1 25/80-11-5S, 4 50/50-11-5A, 4 50/50-11-6S-grade IE-dsllBT2). They are intended for one of the voltages 380, 415, 500, 600V (specified in an order). Channeled part materials: 1218N10T (des. K) or  1017N13M2T (des. E) or p.3-10 (des. A) (specified in an order).

2. A set of delivering pumps (depending on their types) consists of: power cable, start-protective and metering devices, spare parts, tools, and accessories. A complete set can be modified at customers will.

3. Pump prices are free-market ones. Procedure and form of payments, accounting currency, transportation, barter opportunity and other aspects - as it will be arranged between parties.